Possible Dogman Sighting in Manchester England

3 college boys sighting.Near Ou***** ***** Greater Manchester•

This account comes from a colleague in England. He’s an experienced cryptozoologist and a solid investigator. Check out the account below and like/subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Thank you – The Nightmare Hunter

UK Report of a baboon like creature seen running along the edge of a stream banking. Witness by three males around the age of 16 to 17 years old. The boys say that they were playing truant from college and are unwilling to give their names. They were smoking cannabis and also drinking beer. The animal was reported to be roughly the size of a man. It had features of a baboon like creature whilst upright. But once the animal was down on all 4’s it resembled more of a canine/Wolf looking creature. They stated that they had had 3 or 4 beers each. And shared two joints between the three of them. They were laid-back relaxing in the sunshine, when they heard movement on the opposite side of the banking coming from up stream. One of the boys saw it first and then got the attention of the other two. When it was first spotted it was travelling on all fours in the direction of the water flow. The boys say that has the animal moved to the far left it seemed to slow down and sniff around as though it could smell them. It then got onto its back legs and slid down a mudslide. rear legs first, like a human would do. NOT A DOG! They say after it had slid down the mudslide it disappeared into trees following the flow of the water. They state that it took them at least a good 10 / 15 minutes before they had the courage to go over and see where it went. They finally managed to get to the point that they lost sight of it and noticed that the water disappears into some kind of a cave system. The boys state that they were in no shape whatsoever to even attempt to follow.


Link to the YouTube channel in bio. https://youtube.com/c/Doitnoelsway4242

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Author: D.A. Roberts - Author

Author’s Bio: D.A. Roberts D.A. Roberts is an author of fiction, primarily in the horror/dystopian and science fiction genres. Born in Lebanon, Missouri, he now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and sons. When not writing, D.A. serves his community in Law Enforcement. He has been in law enforcement for nearly two decades, serving as a Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Hospital Security Team Supervisor, and most recently Patrolman with the Walnut Grove Police Department. Best known for his “Ragnarok Rising Saga,” he blends the zombie genre with elements of Norse Mythology. The series has been called “a thinking man’s apocalyptic world.” This is a unique approach that creates a new sub-genre in Apocalyptic Fiction. Debuting in July of 2012, the series has been featured on radio shows on three continents. He is also known in science fiction for “The Infinite Black Series.” This series is based on the hit video game from Spellbook Studio. Approached by Spellbook Studio to create the history of their universe, D.A.’s series explores the rich tapestry that is The Infinite Black. Download and play the game for free at www.Spellbook.com. His two most recent releases are Cold Hunger which he co-wrote with Author Catt Dahman and Apex Predator: Wolf Moon. Wolf Moon is a tale which explores Native American lore and creatures known as the Dogman. Both available now from J. Ellington Ashton Press. In November of 2018, D.A. took on the challenging role of C.E.O. of J. Ellington Ashton Press. In March of 2020, D.A. was elected first president of the Horror Author’s Guild. Find more about his work at: www.jellingtonashton.com www.amazon.com/author/daroberts https://www.facebook.com/DARobertsAuthor/ https://www.haguild.com/

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