What is a Dogman?

In the strictest sense of the word, a Dogman is any creature that exhibits a condition known as cynocephaly. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t have a clue what that was when you first saw the word. It’s defined simply as this:

Cynocephaly: The characteristic of cynocephaly, or Cynocephalus, having the head of a dog—or of a jackal—is a widely attested mythical phenomenon existing in many different forms and contexts. The literal meaning of “cynocephaly” is “dog-headed”; however, that this refers to a human body with a dog head is implied.

There are many historical examples of cynocephaly. Saint Christopher is depicted in many accounts as having the head of a dog. Then, of course, we have Anubis from Egyptian Mythology. There are even references to men with the heads of dogs (and lions) in the bible. Greek Mythology tells of the story of King Lycaon, who tried to trick Zeus as was cursed to become the first lycanthrope.

Next, some accounts do not involve mythology. Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo both wrote of encountering dog-headed men in their travels. Even the Norse spoke of the Ulfhednar or the Wolf Warriors. Berserkers took on the aspects of wolves when they went into battle and no spear or sword could slow them down.

Numerous accounts down through the centuries speak of these types of creatures. Some call them werewolves and some call them Dogmen. But what are their origins? Where do they come from? That, my friend, is the true question. That is exactly what The Nightmare Hunter Project is all about. We search for the nightmares that plague us all.

Theories abound about the Dogman and where it comes from. Our mission is to delve into myths, legends, sightings, and stories to find clues to this origin. We do this by collecting as much information as we can. Through diligent research, field investigations, combing through eye-witness accounts, and exploring the lore, we hope to begin solving the mystery surrounding the creature known as the Dogman.

What we do know:

  1. Dogman has been seen all around the world. People describe the same or similar creatures across numerous cultures and climates. Although there appears to be more than one type of creature, behaviors all seem consistent.
  2. Eyewitnesses use the term “hellish” or “demonic” or “pure evil” when they describe a visual encounter. Usually with yellow or golden eyes. Visual encounters have always inspired fear and most describe feeling in grave danger.
  3. Many encounters speak of the creature moving on all fours and then hearing a “popping” sound like knuckles cracking just before it standing up and having hands. Hands that were described as “raccoon-like” or “not quite human.”
  4. Quite a few accounts have taken place in or around cemeteries. Why? We have no idea. Yet another mystery surrounds this subject.
  5. Some accounts have mentioned these creatures wearing crude armor and carrying weapons like spears or swords. Some also speak of possible language use. This would indicate a higher intelligence than previously suspected.
  6. There have been reports of lethal encounters with humans. Whether or not those accounts can be proven is another matter, but the fact remains that it is completely possible that they have/will prey on humans. This could contribute to some of the disappearances in the “Missing 411” and “CanAm Project.”  

This is not an all-inclusive list. It is merely to help explain the phenomenon known as Dogman. We will delve more deeply into this subject in subsequent articles, blog entries, videos, and reports. Watch this blog as well as the Facebook Group we will be building in the coming weeks.

I hope you will join us on this adventure. The evidence is mounting and it’s very compelling. All we ask is that you come with an open mind. If you refuse to believe in cryptids, then there will be little we can do to change your mind. However, if you’re interested in learning more about Dogman and, by extension, other cryptids, then you’ve come to the right place.

Join The Nightmare Hunter Project. We’re all Nightmare Hunters, in one capacity or another. You can help solve the mysteries surrounding Dogman. Your stories, encounters, and sightings could provide key details that help us find the answers we seek.

If you have an encounter or sighting you wish to share, contact us at TheNightmareHunter@gmail.com or DARoberts@DARoberts.net

You can remain completely anonymous if you would prefer. Information is key to solving any mystery and we greatly appreciate any that you can provide.

Welcome to The Nightmare Hunter Project.


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Possible Dogman Sighting in Manchester England

3 college boys sighting.Near Ou***** ***** Greater Manchester•

This account comes from a colleague in England. He’s an experienced cryptozoologist and a solid investigator. Check out the account below and like/subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Thank you – The Nightmare Hunter

UK Report of a baboon like creature seen running along the edge of a stream banking. Witness by three males around the age of 16 to 17 years old. The boys say that they were playing truant from college and are unwilling to give their names. They were smoking cannabis and also drinking beer. The animal was reported to be roughly the size of a man. It had features of a baboon like creature whilst upright. But once the animal was down on all 4’s it resembled more of a canine/Wolf looking creature. They stated that they had had 3 or 4 beers each. And shared two joints between the three of them. They were laid-back relaxing in the sunshine, when they heard movement on the opposite side of the banking coming from up stream. One of the boys saw it first and then got the attention of the other two. When it was first spotted it was travelling on all fours in the direction of the water flow. The boys say that has the animal moved to the far left it seemed to slow down and sniff around as though it could smell them. It then got onto its back legs and slid down a mudslide. rear legs first, like a human would do. NOT A DOG! They say after it had slid down the mudslide it disappeared into trees following the flow of the water. They state that it took them at least a good 10 / 15 minutes before they had the courage to go over and see where it went. They finally managed to get to the point that they lost sight of it and noticed that the water disappears into some kind of a cave system. The boys state that they were in no shape whatsoever to even attempt to follow.


Link to the YouTube channel in bio. https://youtube.com/c/Doitnoelsway4242

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