Bigfoot Encounter in Missouri

First-hand Bigfoot encounter in Missouri

This account was brought to me and is, in my opinion, very credible. The name of the reporting party will be redacted since I do not have his permission to use his name on the blog. This encounter seems to quite typical for hunters’ encounters all across the United States and Canada. Many never return to the woods to hunt again. Below is his account. In addition, RP is not the subject’s initials. It’s shorthand from my law enforcement days. It means “reporting party.”

RP – from Republic Mo.

Account told through FB Messenger

RP: I have a problem. My wife doesn’t believe in Bigfoot. I myself had an experience hunting deep in the woods one year in Poplar Bluff. I know what I saw, I put it in my scope, and I know what a bear looks like and I know what a primate (gorilla) looks like. This was scary and heart pounding with excitement at the same time. You are the first to hear this statement, not story.

Me: How long was your sighting?

RP: Maybe 5 minutes, it’s like he/her knew of my presence.

Me: I’ve heard accounts like that. It’s like they sense your presence even from a distance.

RP: Before I spotted him/her, I heard what sounded to me like rocks rolling down the hill.

Me: What were the sounds in the woods like? Also, what time of day was this? What Season, as well?

RP: Deer season, 1986. I got in my stand at 2:30 and it was a thicket, but very visible. It was 4:47pm. I never forgot, it is something I definitely carry the rest of my life.

Me: Did it leave the area or did you?

RP: Exact times, where the sun was at. Well when I finally got back to camp they did ask why I was so pale, I told them I ate some bad pork for breakfast. Needless to say, I didn’t go more than 300 yards from camp after that. I was scared to death.

Me: Did you see it again on that trip or did anyone else see it?

RP: No one in our camp witnessed anything. I wanted the big buck, so that’s why I went so deep in the woods. To tell you the truth, him/her didn’t seem harmful, very nonchalant and keeping their distance.

Me: A lot of encounters are just like that. A brief sighting where it seemed more curious than anything else. It’s not uncommon.

RP: I was scared to death, but that’s just natural fight or flight human nature.

Me: Exactly. Completely natural. I would have felt the same way.

RP: I am a believer! All these educated idiot’s say “we would of found a body by now.” Not true at all! I believe they’re very intelligent, and they take care of their own, I believe they would possibly bury their dead. Just a theory.

Me: I agree. I think they don’t want to be found and they’re smart enough to hide from us.

RP: Yes sir! With some of the supposedly educated Bigfoot hunters I don’t think it would be too hard to outsmart them.

This is his sighting. I found him to be both believable and credible. This encounter mirrors many others I have taken and/or read. Many hunters never return to the woods.

The Nightmare Hunter

Author: D.A. Roberts - Author

Author’s Bio: D.A. Roberts D.A. Roberts is an author of fiction, primarily in the horror/dystopian and science fiction genres. Born in Lebanon, Missouri, he now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and sons. When not writing, D.A. serves his community in Law Enforcement. He has been in law enforcement for nearly two decades, serving as a Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Hospital Security Team Supervisor, and most recently Patrolman with the Walnut Grove Police Department. Best known for his “Ragnarok Rising Saga,” he blends the zombie genre with elements of Norse Mythology. The series has been called “a thinking man’s apocalyptic world.” This is a unique approach that creates a new sub-genre in Apocalyptic Fiction. Debuting in July of 2012, the series has been featured on radio shows on three continents. He is also known in science fiction for “The Infinite Black Series.” This series is based on the hit video game from Spellbook Studio. Approached by Spellbook Studio to create the history of their universe, D.A.’s series explores the rich tapestry that is The Infinite Black. Download and play the game for free at His two most recent releases are Cold Hunger which he co-wrote with Author Catt Dahman and Apex Predator: Wolf Moon. Wolf Moon is a tale which explores Native American lore and creatures known as the Dogman. Both available now from J. Ellington Ashton Press. In November of 2018, D.A. took on the challenging role of C.E.O. of J. Ellington Ashton Press. In March of 2020, D.A. was elected first president of the Horror Author’s Guild. Find more about his work at:

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